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Warranty at Progenion.

Standard you will receive a 2 year warranty on all our ionizing airpurifiers.
The complete warranty including all its conditions will be stated on the invoice.
All our products meet the existing rules of government concerning reliability and usefulness.
Progenion will repair all defects for free. This usually takes approximately 2 weeks. If we think we should replace a product it will be replaced by a new unused airpurifier.
Te customer has then got another month of decisiontime wether to proceed with Progenion or not.

No warranty will be provided if;

- If the use of the device doesn’t fit the real purpose of the device.
- Inefficient use of the device.E.g. when the instructions are not followed up.
- When intentional abuse of the device has taken place.
- When third parties change or damage the device.
- When the date on the invoice has been ajusted or can’t be read because of possible copying.
- Extern hazards; lightning, natural disasters like e.g. flooding, failure of Electricity.
- If you don’t follow your obligations towards our instructions.

For futher details see our general terms and conditions.

Did you know…
- all our airpurifiers can be placed in smoking-areas of restaurants and/or pubs.
- all our aromatic products have a save and sound effect in wellness areas.
- All our purifiers using ionizers are very suitable during the hayfever periode ach year.
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