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An effective air treatment is applying the ozone technique. The Progenion ozone equipment really neutralizes the nasty odor, fast, effectively and environmental-friendly.

They destroy the source by eliminate rotting substances, bacteriums and other organisms.
Ozone is known for its extremely strong oxidizing character. Harmful organisms causing nasty odors are destroyed fast and effectively, no matter if it concern alcohol, cooking smell, urine smell, a stale air, body odor, smell of smoke/burning, smell of pets/cattle or waste. For this reason this technique is suitable on all kinds of locations, such as house, (chemical) companies, farms, catering establishments, hospitals, nail studios, hairdressing salons etc.

How does ozone work?

Ozone is a gas and needs oxidation. Actually, ozone is a superoxide consisting of three oxygen atoms. It decomposes the polluter and makes sure stench and nasty odors disappear immediately. The ozone molecule wants to get rid of its extra oxygen atom. The extra oxygen atom reacts: organic compounds in the off-gas like odor and fat. After the reaction only pure oxygen remains, in short: O3 -> O2 + O.
The excess ozone will gradually (approximately 15-20 minutes) turn into oxygen. An ozone treatment is a very clean technique. The Progenion ozone generator doesn’t only remove nasty odors efficiently; your living or working environment will become fresh, oxygenated again. Just like in nature.

Disinfecting and sterilizing

Ozone can also be applied to disinfect and sterilize for example food or (medical) instruments. Ozone can for example eliminate bacteriums and microbes on vegetables and fruit, keeping them fresh longer (3 days longer). In case of an influenza epidemic ozone can disinfect rooms and eliminate viruses and bacteriums, which can be useful in schools, offices and hospitals.


Ozone generators are applied for cleaning the air in cars, caravans, boats, holiday houses, hotels, offices, warehouses, gyms, schools, catering establishments, farms and toilet blocks. Besides, ozone is often used in case of damage due to fire, smoke or water. You will always have to investigate the cause of the stench first, allowing you to remove the source. Inhaling high concentrations of ozone is dangerous for human beings, animals and plants. Therefore, they may not be present during a shock treatment. Human beings, animals or living plants may not be present during the treatment. After treatment a reaction time (approximately 8 hours) must be considered.

Fresh, scented air

Progenion also offers equipment to which ethereal oils can be added, masking nasty odors. Nasty odors caused by smoke, urine etc. can be unpleasant/unwanted sometimes. For example in hotels, holiday homes and guesthouses. Progenion PR-450C has been especially developed to neutralize nasty, stale air and spread a pleasant, fresh odor. Hotel rooms, offices and houses will always smell fresh. Pleasant odors always leave a good memory with visitors and customers. Thanks to this device, rooms can always be let, even if a person smoked a cigarette in it, just before arrival. The air purifier PR-603UV uses the effect of ethereal oils. These natural products have a very positive effect in neutralizing nasty odors and are successfully applied in the catering- and car industry.

Attention ! Using ozone might be dangerous. It is a job for specialists, never experiment with ozone yourself! Would you like to neutralize rooms by means of ozone? Please contact us by filling out our contact form
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