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What is an ionizor?

An ionizor, which all progenion devices are equipped with, is a simple, smart and save technique for cleaning air. The ionizor is a device that doesn’t need a lot of electricity for ionizing the air. An electric charge is sent to the free in the air floating particles of dust and bacteria. The electrically charged particles litterally fall down which makes breathing much easier. In other words ionized particles fall down and are not harmful to us anymore.

How does an air purifier containing ionizor work?

A progenion air purifier filters and ionizes the air in our surroundings. This is a completely safe and natural process. While filtering the air the ionizator charges harmful particles like house dust mite, pollen but also odors from smoke and/or pets. It sends out 20.000 upto 200.000 ions per second. These cling on to the particles in the air ionize and clean them. The pollution of air in your surroundings can be dealt with thanks to Progenion and its air-ionization.

What people can get a positive result by the use of these ionizors?

Almost everybody can enjoy the benefits of these wonderful systems.
Everywhere there are bacteria, pollen and other particles like fine dust floating in the air but still we can’t see them. This can be outdoors but also at home, in your bedroom or at work.
Thanks to the ionizor almost all bacteria are neutralized.
Even if you travel by car and caravan Progenion can help you out. We have air purifiers for cars and caravans as well.
So start making your surroundings healthier too.

Cleaning the air is suitable for the following people:

- Allergic reactions to hayfever, house dust mite, smoke odors and odors from pets.
- Bronchitis, asthma, allergies and tobacco smoke.
- Dogs, cats, birds and other pets.
- Stress
- Headaches and migraine.
- People who have the wish to always breath clean and fresh air.

How does an ionizor ionize air?

The air purifier spreads electrodes in the direct atmosphere of your room by using the ionizor. A negative charge is set on a needle. The electrodes jump off the needle and connect to the oxygenmolecules (which contain germs and bacteria).
The charged oygenmolecules surround the harmful dustparts in the air and neutralize them.
Pollen, fungi, harmful gasses, germs and bacteria are then neutralized and fall down. They can’t do you any harm anymore.
The voltage on the needle is high but the capacity of power is low.

Small dust particles.

An vacuumcleaner or airfilter lets the smallest particles go when cleaning the air.
An ionizor lets no particles through. Even the smallest of germs are are neutralized.
Thanks to the negatively charged ions your body will take in oxygen easier. Breathing becomes easier. The ions make sure less histamine gets in your airways. Histamine is a bodily substance in your immunesystem which can cause coughing. Another effect of the air purifier is it affects your mood. It stabilizes and makes you feel better.

How to create optimal conditions?

Make sure the room you are staying in is ventilated. Make sure the temperature in your environment is about 20 degrees celsius. Humidity should be around 45 to 60 percent.
Progenion can also equip you with the latest humidifiers.
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