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Particulate matter is a type of air pollution.

Particulate matter concerns floating particles which are smaller than 10 micrometre. It consists of particles of different size, origin and chemical composition. Epidemiological and toxicological data show inhaling particulate matter is harmful to your health. In the Netherlands and in Belgium a couple of thousands of people die a couple of days or months earlier due to acute exposure to particulate matter. Besides, morbidity is high due to (chronic) exposure. It aggravates the symptoms of people having airway- and lung problems (COPD) and heart- and vascular diseases. It also hinders the development of lungs with children. In Europe the norms for particulate matter are often exceeded, especially along busy roads
(Source Wikipedia)

Particulate matter and indoor climate

Indoor climate is a collective term of factors in a building which can influence health. The quality of indoor environment is a.o. determined by:

- Indoor and outdoor air quality; - radiation; - sound; - temperature; - concentrations of harmful substances caused by a.o. emission from consumer products; construction materials, open combustion appliances (geyser without drain pipe);- humidity;- presence of moulds and mite; - ventilation.

Ionization removes particulate matter

The natural phenomenon called ‘air ionization’ (for example after a thunderstorm or at a waterfall) creates a natural cleaning of the air. An ionizing agent copies this and ‘sprays’ electrodes (natural elementary particles) into the air. The electrodes attach themselves to oxygen molecules. These charged oxygen molecules (ions) attach themselves to the particulate matter in the air, get lost and aren’t harmful anymore. Ionization has the same effect on nasty micro-organisms (mite, viruses, mould). (Source

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