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Functioning HEPA-filter

A HEPA-Filter is worldwide known as the most air purifying filter. In the second world war researchers of the Atomic Energy Committee were looking for a filter which could extract such small particles from the air, so researchers wouldn’t run a risk during researches. The HEPA-filter was invented! It extracts very small particles (0,3 micron) from the air. Effectiveness: 99,97%. To give you an idea of how small such a micron is: 24.500 microns are required to fill 1 inch (2,54 cm). 1 micron is one millionth of a meter. A naked eye can’t see 10 microns. Pollen contain 5-100 microns. A human hair varies from 70-100 micron.

How small is a 0.3 micron?

The HEPA-filter has been adjusted very well. Therefore the norm for a HEPA-filter has been set on 0.3 micron. A 0.03 micron is very hard to catch as this particle is so small that human being can easily inhales these small microns. The HEPA-filter is very efficient: only 3 microns out of 10.000 survive. These filters, surprisingly, become even more effective as they are used more often. For this reason HEPA-filters are often used in areas requiring clean air, such as labs and operation rooms.


Hepa filter luchtreiniging

Indoor air quality and advantages of a HEPA-filter

The air of houses, companies, schools or surgeries is often polluted with chemicals, organic substances and microbiological particles. Nose, throat and lungs struggle with these air polluters every day. This air can cause headache, red eyes, dizziness, tiredness and other complaints. 1 out of 3 people struggles with allergies such as asthma, other types of breathing problems or the "sick building syndrome". Asthma is the biggest cause of breathing problems with children. HEPA- air purifiers can help out!

HEPA air purifiers help people:
  •  to stay healthier
  •  to sleep better
  •  to work more efficient
  •  to be more creative.
  •  to study more efficient.

Hepa medical application

HEPA air purifiers are increasingly applied for people in quarantine. Burn patients also benefit from a HEPA air purifier. After all, wounds heal faster because bacteriums can’t reach them.
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