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Air purifiers for the reduction of hayfever.

In general one out of six persons suffers in some way from hayfever during several periods in a year. Although the name does think of hay, hay fever has a whole other origin.
It is an allergic reaction which arises by inhaling certain allergenen. That can be pollen grains or pollen of trees, grasses or herbaceous plants. This leads irrevocably to sneezes, coughs, a runny nose, suffocation, watering eyes, tingling to eyes or skin and in some cases asthma.

Reduction of pollen in the air.

Contact with pollen is unpreventable especially in spring and summer.
It is advised to close doors and windows to prevent getting in contact with pollen. The concentrations of pollen are lower at sea or inthe Mountains compared to other parts like forests, pastures and other natural areas.
Another solution can be the use of air-purifiers. By using the ionizator and UV-filter fine dust, pollen, germs and other bacteria are neutralized and dealt with. The effect is a cleaner and healthier surrounding. An air purifier is litteraly an extra breath for poeple who suffer from hayfever or asthma.

Special attention:
- Air pollution is very commen in big cities but pollen are found 5 times more in the countryside.
- Do people smoke in your surrounding? Your hayfever may get even worse as it already was.

An air purifier containing an ionizator is very effective against pollen by using the system of inozation. It will clear the pollen polluted air into clean and pure oxygen without the allergens.

Airpurifiers using the ionization process.

Our air purifiers work excellent on people suffering from allergies like hayfever and asthma.
House dust mites and pollen are caught immediately and smell from tobacco decrease.
The ionizors are available in different varieties for using in small and large spaces.
In an effective way they produce pure, clean, fresh and so healthy air.
The negative ions make the intake of oxygen easier. They prevent hystamin from getting into our airways. Hystamin is a human substance which makes our body react allergically and causes cough-reactions. Using an airpurifier combined with the ionic process makes your life a bit easier when it comes to coughing and allergic reactions

Healthy work and living conditions.
The ionizing process makes sure air is clean and fresh. In this way people suffer less from things like;

- Hayfever
- Allergies
- Asthma
- Bronchitis
- Nasty smell
- Tobacco scent
- Pollen

Using an air purifier you take control of the air you breathe by yourself. The ionic process uses clustered ions, which clean air in a natural way. That leads to a cleaner and fresher air in your surrounding. Your living- and working-conditions improve almost directly.

Order a Progenion air-purifier today and start breathing tomorrow!
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