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Costs of handeling and shipment.

Progenion air purifiers and other products are delivered to your door within 4 to 6 days by TNT parcelservice.
Not at home?
When a parcel can’t be delivered at your address on Tuesdays till Fridays the parcel will be presented to your direct neighbours. If your neighbours aren’t at home the parcel will be delivered to you on the following workday.
Days and times of delivery may vary. It depends on the day the parcel is presented to you the First time.

First delivery Second delivery

Tuesday Wednesday between 9am and 21.30pm
Wednesday Thursday between 9am and 21.30pm
Thursday Friday between 9am and 21.30pm
Friday Saturday all day.
Saturday Monday all day.

If you and your neighbours aren’t at home during the second delivery you will find a notice telling you where you can pick your parcel up yourself. The parcel will stay at the provided address for a maximum of 3 weeks.

Costs of delivery.

Handeling and shipment within the Netherlands € 6,75
Handeling and shipment to Belguim, Germany and Luxembourg €12,50
Handeling and shipment to other countries within EU € 12,50

Cash on delivery (C.O.D.) (only for the Netherlands)

Usually this is the most practical way of handeling and shipment.
The parcel is presented to you the following day and you pay the Total amount (the product and handeling an shipment costs) directly to your postman.
In case you are not at home you can pick up your parcel at the nearest postoffice.
You will receive a notice where it states where to pick up your parcel.
The parcel will be there to pick up for at least 2 weeks.
C.O.D.’s will generally not be delivered on Saturdays but the possibility to pick up the parcel yourself is usually available.
The total costs of C.O.D. are €13,95 and is only availale within the Netherlands.
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