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Scent therapy with scent-diffuser.

Scent-therapy for a good nightrest and a clear mind.
Scent-therapy with etheristic or essential oils have a powerful workout and contribute to a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It is even said that scent-therapy has healing functions.
That the scents of oils during the night make us feel more relaxed and help contribute to a better nightrest is a fact.
Progenion puts scent-therapy now into a modern design.

Fot thousands of years men is known to use etheristic oils. In past times healing powers were given to it, something that modern scientists have put aside.
But that scents have a positive outcome on us humans is for sure.
Take nighttimes; we sleep better in a nicely smelling surrounding, we dream more pleasantly and we more fast asleep. 

The scent vaporizor

The Progenion scent vaporizor combines modern design and authentic therapies creating a new stylish method to enjoy the scent of etherisic oils at home or at the office.
Not only does the vaporizor provide a clean, save and successful vaporizing of scents, the Progenion vaporizor also has a attactive, smooth design and is provided with modest LED-lights.

You simply add a few drops of oil to the water in the resevoir of the vaporizor. An ultrasonic technology takes care of an optimal vaporisation by sending tiny microparticles of damp into the air. This way the particles stay in the air much longer then when using a heating proces.
You can use the system without supervision for example in the master bedroom or even in the children’s bedroom.The increase of this damping proces prevents a too dry air and skindamage caused by central heating or the use of airconditioner.  The vaporizor causes a comfortable atmosphere and spreads the scent of pure etherisic oils in each space upto 100m3. You simply choose an oil that combines your taste, put some drops of oil in the stated part of the vaporizor.

Etheristic oils.

You can use the etheristic oils just for pleasure or theraputic purposes by creating either a relaxing or stimulating atmosphere. At the office, for example, you can use Rosemary to keep your employees fit and clear of mind so your employees will stay focused longer.
Or the refreshing Eucalyptus. This refreshens the air and neutralizes scents coming of tobacco, animals or even the toilet. It also gives you a relieved feeling of breathing when having a cold.
Would you rather have a relaxing atmosphere use lavender into the diffuser. This contributes to a comfortable night of sleep. Of course other oils are suitable too like lemons for keeping insects away.
Discover, expiriment and expirience the possibilities of etheristic oil diffusing and order the Progenion diffuser/vaporizor today. For a scentful atmosphere!
Of course we will provide you with a “one year full warranty” to show you we believe in our products.

Read more about etheristic oils; lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary
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