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Air pollution

A good air quality is of great importance for humans and ecosystems. The air quality in the Netherlands has improved drastically over the past few years due to government policy. Nevertheless, the air quality on a lot of different locations can be improved. The air quality in the Netherlands is in a lot of cases determined by the emission of air pollutants in our country and abroad. Some pollutants can spread over great distances: acidifying and fertilizing substances such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia as well as particulate matter, heavy metals and organic substances. Pollutants which receive a lot of attention in the Netherlands at this moment are particulate matter and nitrogen oxide. Recent measurements show that concentrations of the latter have appeared to be above the standard amount, especially around large cities and near busy roads (Milleudefensie, 2009).
Zorg voor schone frisse lucht
“Airplanes, cars, boats, factories and houses; all of them burn fuels to gain energy.
When they transform the fuel into energy, contaminated particulate matter is released into the air. With a Progenion air purifier these particles are filtered from the air. This way, you create a healthy living or work climate.”

What kinds of particles are meant here?

The air pollution is caused be a great deal of particles coming from a great deal of sources. Heavy metals (such as lead) coming from traffic, industry and the burning of fossil fuels are very harmful for your health. The same goes for acidifying substances such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and ammonia. Other polluting substances are dioxins and PCB’s, particulate matter, ozone and carbon monoxide. They form important components of smog (a combination of the words smoke and fog) which under certain weather conditions can drastically increase. In the last years a lot of buildings are equipped with climate control systems. Due to a lack of maintenance these are often very dirty, which leads to the so called ‘sick-building syndrome’.

Harmful health effects of air pollution

High concentrations of the above mentioned pollutants are unhealthy, in particular for sensitive groups such as children, the elderly and people with airway- and allergic disorders. Possible reactions can be shortness of breath, irritating airways, allergies, asthma and dizziness. Especially close to busy roads and large cities in the Netherlands, the acceptable amount of pollutants is often exceeded and because of that people breathe in polluted air on a daily basis.

The effect of air purifiers with ionizer

Unfortunately you cannot influence the atmosphere outside of in buildings, but you can positively change the air in your house, office or work space. This is possible with air purifiers with the latest technologies such as ionization and UV-filters. With these air purifiers you can effectively destroy the polluting substances and neutralise the air. An air purifier filters and destroys these particles, as well as pollen which cause hay fever, bacteria and viruses and nasty smells from your pets and tobacco smoke. Progenion air purifiers offer a complete selection of air purifiers, so there is a suited purifier for each situation. Do you want fresh and healthy air? Then the choice is yours!
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