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Air purifier with ionizer


Model PR-369
Suitable for up to 20-60 m²
Ionisator 2.960.000 cm³
Ozone 0.037 PPM
Weight 2000 g
Afmeting 680x200x239 mm
Silent operation
No filters to replace
2 Year warranty
EAN Code: 7432033021067
incl. 21% tax
In stock, delivered the next day wen ordered before 17.45 on business days

Also benefit from the PR-369R air purifier/ionizer!

You want to inhale clean air, which speaks for itself. The PR-369R air purifier/ionizer is the way to realize this on a sustainable and silent way. Asthma, particulate matter, hay fever, pets; whatever the reason to purify your surroundings, with this appliance you will remove unwanted particles easily and efficiently form the air up to a maximum of 60m² (150m³). Your lungs (and that of your partner, children and guests) will be very grateful!

“Since I use the appliance, I clearly notice a reduction of my physical complaints. I sneeze less, I have less dirt in my eyes and the air feels a lot cleaner. My nasal cavities are freer and I thus breathe in more air. Because of this, I feel a lot fitter.”
Frans from Utrecht

Especially suited for spaces with a lot of particulate matter

The PR-369R has three settings (low/medium/high) and with an energy use of only 12 Watts it is an absolutely energy sufficient air purifier. It filters particulate matter on a very efficient manner from the air. This air purifier ionizer is particularly suited for spaces where there is a lot of particulate matter, like houses or offices and near busy roads. But also people with pets which spread a lot of particulate matter like parrots or other birds benefit from the PR-369R. Thanks to the remote control you can easily switch settings when necessary.

Fewer complaints within a few hours

Thanks to the ionizer and the filtering of particulate matter, headache and fatigue will be reduced; you will notice results within a few hours. People who suffer from allergies like hay fever also benefit from this air purifier because it filters pollen, bacteria and other micro-particles from the air. With the PR-369R you will create a healthier working- or living climate.

No filter replacement necessary: save costs!

The PR-369R is supplied with an extra wide and easy to clean stainless steel filter. You need to clean this filter once a week with a slightly damp cloth. The filter system does not require replacement and is therefore continuously usable. The air purifier is equipped with a cleaning indicator so you know exactly when it is time to clean the filter.

Easy-to-clean filter
Gemakkelijk te reinigen filter

Pure air at the office

A lot of offices nowadays are well isolated. However, that optimal isolation has consequences for the air quality, which is often far from ideal. The consequences are fatigue, headaches, apathy and often a loss in the ability to concentrate. This is caused by too much particulate matter in your office. Offices are often situated near busy road and thanks to isolation often full of particulate matter; miniature small black particles which float around in the air and that you breathe in. The PR-369R not only reduces particulate matter but also adds negative ions to the air. Because of this you will feel better and this considerably improves the living climate in your office. The difference is noticeable within a matter of hours.
Reducing particulate matter from bird
If you own parrots or other birds, the PR-369R would be the ideal air purifier/ionizer for (bird) particulate matter from our range of products. A lot of people bought the PR-369R through our distributor Lorre & Co in Wijhe (Overijssel). All were very pleased about the performance of the PR-369R and therefore advice you to buy the PR-369R when you are planning to get parrots. Furthermore, Lorre & Co organize information nights on a monthly basis to educate you on keeping parrots but also on the use of air purifiers in combination with birds. To find a distributor near you, please check our distributor page.

The advantages of the PR-368R

• 3 settings: low 25m2/ medium 35m2/ high 60m2
• Silent
• Cleaning indicator
• Easy to clean filter
• No filter replacement necessary
• Energy sufficient
• Remote control included

Effective air purification that reduces:
• Allergies such as hay fever
• Pollen
• Asthma
• Particulate matter
• Animal odor
• Cigarette smoke odor
• Bacteria
• Odor
• Fungi

Can be used in different spaces such as:
• Living room
• Animal shelter
• Bedroom
• Practice
• Office
• Smoking rooms
• Reception room
• Meeting room
• Not suitable for nurseries


Model PR-369
Suitable for up to 20-60 m²
Ionisator 2.960.000 cm³
Ozone 0.037 PPM
Weight 2000 g
Afmeting 680x200x239 mm
Silent operation
No filters to replace
2 Year warranty
EAN Code: 7432033021067


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