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Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters function like a sponge and absorb many gases and odors. Activated carbon is a kind of coal treated with oxygen. Millions of small holes are created between the carbon atoms. These pores absorb harmful gases and odours. These filters are very effective in catching and retaining gases, which can easily be absorbed by traditional filters. As these pores get filled with harmful gases, they lose effectiveness and must be replaced.

Magnified image of active carbon filter.

Active Carbon - uitleg
Detailed image active carbon structure
Actief Caron structuur
Detailed image active carbon structure
Detail actief carbon
Detailed image active carbon structure

The capacity of activated carbon.

Activated carbon absorbs almost anything. If there aren’t any surface particles left, it loses effectiveness. So, large quantities of carbon are more effective than small quantities, as larger surfaces can absorb more. The amount of gases also influences effectiveness. A smaller quantity of carbon can already lose effectiveness after a couple of weeks.

Thickness of an activated carbon filter.

The longer the carbon touches the polluter the more effective the polluter will be absorbed. Thicker filters can absorb more polluters. If the polluter has to cross a large labyrinth of carbon, it will be absorbed more likely.

An activated carbon filter compared to a mat impregnated with carbon.

Activated carbon, as described earlier, is more effective than a a mat which has been impregnated with carbon. Activated carbon has a larger absorptive power compared to an impregnated mat. This impregnated mat must be replaced more often compared to the activated carbon. The contact time of a mat on a polluter is also shorter. For this reason less absorption can take

An air purifier with activated carbon filter.

Many researchers consider activated carbon air purifiers to be wonder filters, because of their unique quality to remove harmful odours, flavours, colours (scale) and chemicals. As activated carbon functions like a sponge, it can absorb many polluters. Activated carbon is a preferential treatment for extracting many harmful particulate matter and chemicals from the air we breathe.
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