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Fresh air in spite of rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other small pets.

Does your rabbit spray now and then? Does your guinea pig or ferret spread a typical pet odour? Are you allergic to rodents and other small pets? Pets spread odours, hairs and other substances which cause complaints. The solution? A Progenion air purifier. It attracts hairs, smells, dust. Thanks to the built-in ionizing agent it purifies the air, making everything smell fresh again. Not convinced? Just test it during 4 weeks at a small fee. Order a test air purifier.

Air purifiers reduce pet allergies

A good measure against pet allergy? Creating a healthy climate at home or in other rooms containing pets. In this way allergic complaints are often reduced considerably. An easy way to create an healthy indoor climate is using a Progenion ionic air purifier. The air purifier reduces the amount of allergens in your house, they are filtered, just like other polluting, unhealthy, nasty pet odours. The ionizing agent converts it into clean, natural oxygen. What a relief!

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