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Neutralizing remodeling dust

Hammering, drilling, sanding, polishing – many people like to do it themselves during a renovation or moving. A lot of dust is released, especially during rendering and demolition work. You will face this dust twice: During DIY and weeks later. After all, particulate matter will still float in your house during some time. You, your family members and guests will run the risk of getting it in your lungs. If so, it will increase the chance on lung diseases such as COPD.

Prevention is better than cure

Avoid dust in your airways: Place an air purifier in your DIY-room before and after DIY. Preferably an ionic air purifier with HEPA- or ULPA-filter. How do they function? First of all, a lot of dust and dust particles are left in the filter. The ionizing agent makes sure the rest of the particulate matter becomes heavier and will sink to the bottom faster. In this way the chance of breathing it will be reduced.

A (HEPA-) air purifier creates a cleaner workplace, allowing you to DIY healthier.

1. Before you move back into your house again, make sure the air purifier entirely filters the room during 1 night (full power). In this way all dust particles/particulate matters are absorbed and neutralized.
2. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA-filter to clean your house thoroughly next day.
3. Always replace the HEPA-filter after the renovation.

Following air purifiers are most suitable during your renovation:

  • PR-940UV air purifier with HEPA-filter
  • PR-450C air purifier with ULPA-filter
  • PR-9201UV air purifier with HEPA-filter (suitable for bedroom or office)
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